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Call Gentry Air for all your HVAC needs
Call Gentry Air for all your HVAC needs

trane logoReliable Quality, Inside and Out

There’s a reason Trane products are known for performance and efficiency. And it all starts with our innovative features and precision craftsmanship. No matter the packaged system, our goal remains the same. To build a high quality product that’ll give you and your family comfort, efficiency and reliability, for years to come.

Construction that’s as impressive as its comfort!

At Trane, the secret behind our products is really no secret at all. Whether it’s our Hybrid or Gas/Electric packaged systems, our precision craftsmanship and advanced components come together to bring you the utmost in comfort, efficiency and reliability.

Designed for comfort. Built to last.

For more than a century, families have trusted Trane Heating & Air Conditioning to keep their houses comfortable. Today, our home comfort systems continue to push the boundaries of efficiency and performance, while still delivering on our proud history of quality, durability and substantial value. Welcome your family home to a higher standard of comfort from Trane Heating & Air Conditioning.

york logoLong story short ---our history.

You've probably enjoyed York Engineering for years without even knowing it. We have, after all, designed and implemented heating and cooling systems in some of the world's most famous structures, including the U.S. Capitol building, India's Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, the entire U.S. Navy nuclear submarine fleet, and even venues such as your local mall and corner bank.

There's a reason people trust us with the big jobs. We've been doing this a long time. Over 135 years, in fact. In that time, we developed the first successful room air conditioner and cooled the world's first theater, hotel and office building. We're constantly leading the industry in our design and our technology. And our commitment has earned our products the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. No matter what the scale, chances are we've developed an efficient, durable and effective solution for it.

goodman logo

With regard to indoor comfort, every homeowner wants their HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system to provide the perfect balance of optimum temperature control, enhanced indoor air quality, and maximum energy savings, coupled with dependable and reliable operation. And, today more and more homeowners want their HVAC system to be environmentally friendly.

As a leading HVAC manufacturer, everyone associated with Goodman® heating and cooling products shares the same quality, comfort, economical, and environmental goals as homeowners. Since the first day of operation, the folks at the Goodman brand have been focused on building high-quality heating and cooling products that deliver outstanding comfort, money-saving efficiency ratings, and durable systems that are refreshingly affordable. As a result, millions and millions of homeowners say “Thank Goodness for Goodman”.

honeywell logoEverything you need to make your home more comfortable

When you think about home comfort, chances are you’re just thinking about your thermostat or your heating and cooling system.

But TrueHOME comfort is more than just temperature. TrueHOME comfort is about maintaining the right amount of temperature , humidity and clean, fresh air throughout every room in your home. Honeywell TrueHOME comfort solutions are designed to work together to ensure you get the most comfort for your money.

From Top to Bottom

If you’ve ever purchased portable heaters, air cleaners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers, to make your home more comfortable, to relieve symptoms of unclean air, or to regulate air that has too much or too little moisture, you know they can be expensive, inconvenient and only effective in the rooms they’re in.

Honeywell TrueHOME comfort solutions are installed out of sight within your central heating and cooling system---helping you automatically maintain comfortable temperatures and improving air quality in every area of your home.

mitsubishi logoMitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric HVAC products, available in the U.S. for thirty years, have provided exceptional, personalized comfort control while being very energy efficient.

Mitsubishi Electric’s INVERTER-driven compressor systems use refrigerant lines to connect an outdoor unit to one or more indoor air handlers. A home’s or building’s energy efficiency increases when only the amount of cooling or heating needed for the space where the unit is installed. Advanced technologies are used to control the precise temperature in each room and have the capability to condition only the rooms in use.

Using a wireless remote or wall-mounted controller for each space, Mitsubishi Electric systems allow a truly personal level of comfort. Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A), advanced filtration systems, and high efficiency ratings are standard on all Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems.

This synergy of smart design and cutting-edge environmental technology delivers and end result of true eco-comfort for any conditioned space.

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